Hager PondSunsetFrank Lyons in Grist Millpond
Hager Pond
 Grist Mill Pond
Algae in Grist Mill Pond

Welcome to the Hop Brook Protection Association web site.

Current Activity

The upgrade of the Marlborough Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in 2015.
The HBPA is now working on restoration of the Hop Brook ponds. Aquatic weed harvesting was conducted
on 3 ponds (Grist Mill, Carding Mill and Stearns Mill) in 2018.

We are focusing on both short- and long-term solutions, the former being harvesting the overabundance
of aquatic weeds and algae and the latter being the dredging process, i.e., removing excessive nutrients and
invasive aquatic weeds from the bottom of the ponds.   

In May of 2019, The Hop Brook Protection Association elected a new board, and is redoubling their efforts.
Please join us! Contact us at hbpa@hopbrook.org. Or leave us a message at 978-558-0110.

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