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  2006 Photo Contest
Winner of the 2006 Hop Brook Protection Association's Photography Contest "What Hop Brook Means to Me" is Barbara Taskovics of Sudbury. The photo was taken
Great Blue Heron in Hop Brook Marsh

Barbara Taskovics submitted the following poem with the photo.

As I sat on a log by the marshland
Birds sang their songs of spring
They floated and drifted in wind currents
Landing on grasses and trees

The blue heron far in the distance
Atop a rotted old oak
Surveying Hop Brook for his dinner
A frog to tickle his throat

Drake mallard hid in the pond reeds
Afraid of the sounds he heard
While a fearless goose swam in the current
Calling his mate to come home

Hop Brook calls to the spirit
Stop and rest for a while
Refresh yourself by the water
And let your day float by

With Hop Brook's Grist Mill Pond in the background, Barbara Taskovics, winner of the HBPA 2006 Photo Contest "What Hop Brook Means to Me", receives her prize and award certificate from Francis Lyons, HBPA President.