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The eighth annual Hop Brook scholarship competition will once again  offer scholarships for High and Middle School students in Marlborough and Sudbury. We hope that this coming  year will bring more entrants as we were not able to present a scholarship last year due to  a lack of  enough entrants. However we are pleased to report that our 1998 winner, Ed Cavallerano has continued to devote his time and energy toward helping HBPA with the study and harvesting of Hop Brook. He is a valuable asset whose winning report on Hop Brook has received wide acclaim.

Read more about past winners here.
High School and Middle School entries will be reports: written, drawn, photo or video, about the recreational value of the Hop Brook. The  2000 - 2001 Scholarship Competition is an opportunity for students to explore the historical, present and potential contribution of Hop Brook to human and wildlife communities that live near and in its waters.  Cash prizes will be awarded to both High School and Middle School winners.
High School and Middle school winners will have the option of participating in a cormorantselection of the HBPA's environmental restoration projects which may include (1) constructed wetlands reduction of phosphorus from wastewater effluent, (2) high gradient magnetic field removal of wastewater pollutants, (3) development of algae harvesting and removal technologies, (4) environmental regulation and (5) development of techniques for effective environmental activism.

The HBPA Scholarship Committee appreciates the continuing support and interest of the teachers at Marlborough High School and Marlborough Middle School, Lincoln-Sudbury High School and Curtis Middle School.

The Goodnow Library, in Sudbury MA, has generously provided space for winning entries to be displayed. Judges for the Scholarship Competition, George Siscoe, Frank Lyons and Ursula Lyons, have been gracious in their service.