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Get Involved                                             
Get involved with the Hop Brook Protection Association.
If you are interested in helping the Hop Brook Protection Association in any of the following ways, please take a moment to fill out our membership form.
Frank Lyons in Grist MillpondHop Brook Protection Association currently has over 80 memberships comprising individuals, families, businesses and civic organizations. In order for us to continue our work at HBPA, we need continued support from neighbors such as you. We are a nonprofit environmental protection organization and as such all donations to HBPA are tax deductible.

You will be counted as one who cares about our waterways and one who supports our efforts to restore Hop Brook to Class B Water Standards, i.e., "as a habitat for fish, other aquatic life and wildlife and for primary and secondary contact recreation (swimming & boating) .. with consistently good aesthetic value."

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For more information on HBPA membership you may contact:
Ron Riggert at rkriggert@verizon.net.
Help us Monitor.
Help us monitor the shore line of the Hop Brook system for signs of pollution, then CALL the Sudbury Conservation Commission at 978-440-5471 if you see anything unusual in our waterways.
Help with HBPA's Projects.
Aquatic Harvesting Project
Grant Applications
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Administration & Recordkeeping
Attend our Meetings to stay informed.
HBPA Annual meetings are usually held at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury,  Massachusetts. Meeting notices will be posted on the Home Page.

For questions about the HBPA web site,  please contact Ron Riggert at: rkriggert@verizon.net

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