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   Research Reports

Bridge on Hop Brook

The following is a list of Research Reports sponsored  by HBPA. For further information or copies of the research reports,  please contact: Ursula Lyons

Ashton, Weslynne, "Remediation Options for Elodea dominated ponds along Hop Brook, MA"   Environmental Clinic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Final Report, Spring, 1998

              Cargill, Tara,  "Problems and Solutions for Hop Brook",  Wentworth Institute of Technology, 1999

Cavallerano, Edward,  "Effects of Phosphorus Contamination on Species Diversity in Hop Brook",  Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, May, 1999

Egan, Robert S.,  "Algae Harvesting Experiment on Grist Mill Pond, Sudbury, Massachusetts,"  Hop Brook Protection Association, Inc. October 23, 1995

Gambino, John P. ,  "Improving the Water Quality of the Hop Brook Watershed through Aggressive Algal Harvesting, July-August, 1994"  Environmental Engineering Clinic, MIT 1994

Haywood, Rick,  "Mechanical Harvesting to Control Algal Blooms of the Green Algae Hydrodictyon  reticulatum",  Hop Brook Protecion Association, Inc., 1997

Hermeno, Edward,  "Use of Barley Straw as an Algal Inhibitor to Improve Pond Water Quality"  Environmental Engineering Clinic, MIT May 15, 1996

                Keesler, Barbara, ed.,  "Pilot Plant for Phosphorus Removal from the Effluent of the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Marlborough, MA",   MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and Micromag Corporation, Wayland, MA, September, 1997

Keesler, Barbara, ed.,  "Notification of Test Results",  Addendum to September, 1997 Report. October 29,1997

Lyons, Francis T., Meixsell, Lael M.,  "Algae Harvesting Experiments Report on Grist Mill Pond, Sudbury, Massachusetts,"  Hop Brook Protection Assn., Inc., June -August, 1994

Matusaitis, Tomas,   "An Algae Harvesting System for the Hop Brook Protection Association, Inc."  Environmental Engineering Clinic, MIT, 1994

Meyer, Stephen,  "In-stream Phosphorus Reduction and Restoration of the Hop Brook Ponds System",  Hop Brook Ponds Study Committee, Sudbury, MA 1993

Novak, Marilyn ,  "A Natural History of the Hop Brook",  Hop Brook Ponds Study Committee, Sudbury, MA, November, 1994

Schaider, Laurel,  "Assessing the Role of Sediments as a Phosphorus Source in the Eutrophication of Ponds along Hop Brook, Sudbury,  MA",   Environmental Engineering Clinic,MIT, 1997

Riggert, Karen, ed.,  "Shoreline Survey Summary - State of the Hop Brook, 1994-1995"  Supported by Hop Brook Protection Association, Inc., Sudbury Conservation Commission, Massachusetts Riverways, Adopt-A-Stream Program, June 26, 1995

Whitman & Howard , Inc., "Hop Brook Ponds System Study, Sudbury, MA"  Prepared for Board of Health, Town of Sudbury, July 1989

ENSR Corporation, "Nutrient Impact Evaluation of Hop Brook in Marlborough and Sudbury, MA" prepared for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP, October 2000