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Interested in a sampling of some of  the publicity HBPA has had over recent years? Click here to see some HBPA publicity highlights.

Publicity has been sporadic and understandably restricted as we have been involved in appeals and mediation that have had to be confidential.

Our public relations work  was mostly limited to the  summer harvesting news (see Harvesting Report) which was well publicized in the local papers. We would like to emphasize again how much the Town of Sudbury, especially the Department of Public Works under Bill Place, has supported us.

We continue to work with the Sudbury, Assabet, Concord Rivers (SuAsCo) Watershed Coalition and remain members of the SuAsCo Community Council.  We value our memberships in the Congress for Lakes and Ponds (COLAP) and the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition. Our fellow environmental organizations especially the Organization for the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers (OARS) continue to be strong supporters as they  too await permits for all the sewage treatment plants on the Assabet River. Our local and state  legislators have continued their support of our group.

We are proud of our respected leadership position among environmental organizations as well as state and federal environmental agencies.